Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Race To The Bottom Tips

Race to the Bottom General Tips:

1)Never stop moving.
You must continously be moving as the centipede gradually accelerates so you need to get a good enough headstart to stay alive for a few more minutes.

2) Always go down.
If a beacon ends up right next to you don't spend the time trying to inch to it sideways keep going down even if you miss a few beacons because ultimately you get farther from the centipede and are able to collect more beacons than you miss.

3) Judge the worth of a beacon wisely.
If a beacon is a whole screen away from you just skip past it instead of taking the time to slowly inch across and get it. It's better off to keep falling down.

4) Turn correctly.
Never turn more than you have to, it's wise to keep your turns as short as possible in order to maximize speed down.

5) Need help?
This game can be played by up to 5 players so if you have the people at hand use them to distract the centipede while you cash the beacons. While this method is probably cheap and unfair the moral judgement is up to you.

6) Lag is your other friend.
LAG! If you can lag your computer and have the game slow enough to play easily yet fast enough to keep up with your presses, do it! Lag can make the game at least 1.5x easier.
Again it's your own personal moral judgement whether to use this method or not, your choice.

Good luck!

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freetiger18 said...

In a normal browser my best is 52 and in a slower is 59