Monday, March 31, 2008

Yami No Kuizu

The full answers for Yami No Kuizu
Give it a minute, it's 8 megs.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


4/508: UPDATED for Continue extension.

This is a complete walkthrough for Continue (except for the secret room) so it does contain spoilers. Will you continue?

Level 1 (A bunch of arrows pointing to a red button) :
Help: Click the button.

Level 2 (A pong game):
Help: Click 'Y'.

Level 3: (A button that says "Continue" and it moves across the sceen when you move over it.)
Help: Click the space where the button used to be, regardless of whether it's still there.

Level 4: (Four yellow buttons surrounding a =p)
Help: Click the bottom left button.

Level 5: (A red sock)
Help: Move the stock away to reveal a button.

Level 6: (5 disappearing orange buttons.)
Help: At the bottom left corner there's a button called 'Gasp' click on it.

Level 7: (A blue button with the text, "This one doesn't work")
Help: Click the 'o' in "doesn't".

1st Save Point.

Level 8: (two green arrows in a maze)
1. Click the right arrow.
2. Click the down arrow.
3. Click the right arrow.
4. Click the up arrow.
5. Click the up arrow again.
6. Click the right arrow.
7. Click the up arrow.
8. Click the circular button.

Level 9: (Text: "So what now?")
1. Click the "Plox help me!" button in the top right corner.
2. Delete the text in the text field "So what now?" and type "continue".
3. Click the button.

Level 10: (Robbitpolis National Bank)
Help: Type any one of these passwords:
-1993 (Year Robbit was born)
-9975 (from "robin9975")
-4815 (first numbers from LOST's numbers)
-5678 ("LOST" in phone digits)
-2008 (speaks for itself)

Level 11: (Mouse avoider red maze)
Help: Their 'friend' isn't actually the other guy that looks like them. It's the red circle near the bottom right. Navigate there and click it.

2nd Save Point.

Level 12: ( A bunch of emoticons and other things)
Help: Click the =(
(The =( is the only graphic you haven't faced yet)

Level 13: (A bunch of papers)
Help: Clear them away from the bottom left corner and click "CONTINUE" on the sticky.

Level 14: (A TV on Channel 4 with a Wii next to it.)
Help: Click the small green button in front of the contestant.

Level 15: (Various companies and a "WTF")
Help: Click the 'WTF'.

Level 16: (Same as Level 14 but the Wii has 'Wii' written on it)
Help: Click the 'Wii' written on the Wii.

Level 17: (A piano)
Help: Counting from the left click the 9th key. Don't forget to count the keys in between.
(in Lvl 13, the music sheet has circled an E (which is the ninth note from the left)

Level 18: (A detailed scene with excavators)
Help: Click the "Smoke on the water" option.
(The excavators find something "Deep purple". "Smoke on the water" is a text from the song with the identical name, which is performed by Deep purple. (the other texts are from: "Chariot - Gavin DeGraw" and "Wonderwall - Oasis")

3rd Save Point.

Level 19: (Pizza foodstuffs)
1. Click cookie dough.
2. Click ketchup.
3. Click "TUC" cheese flavor.
4. Click the red polka dotted mushroom.
5. Click the fish.
6. Click the oven.
7. Click the Funghi and anchovy box.

Level 20: (Math worksheet)
Help: Type 'LOST' in the answer box and click 'GO!'. (If you're curious, the answer was on a math worksheet on Level 13.)

Level 21: (Level 16 with a remote.)
Help: Counting from the top left of the remote, click the 4th button. Then just click the small green button in front of the contestant on TV. (It just is the quiz channel again. ^^)

Level 22: (All text saying the buttons are "back","stronger" and "better".)
Help: Click "Right...".

Level 23: (Final level, one orange button, one green button)
Help: Click the 'NO!' at the bottom left corner.

4th Save Point. (You win basically.)
EDIT: Not anymore!

Level 24: (March Calendar)
Help: Near the bottom right corner is a black arrow, click it.

Level 25: Just text saying do/can/dare you?
Help: Click I'm ready!

Level 26: A bunch of buttons.
Help: Click the orange button and wait for the animation to finish. The code is '746' (Which if you're wondering is 'Sim' in phone numbers).

Level 27: Two pause buttons.
1. Click right pause button.
2. Click bottom left pause button.
3. Click red pause button.
4. Click the rightmost pause button.
5. Click the single one left.
6. Click the top rightmost blue button. (Hard to describe)
7. Click the yellow button.

Level 28: Black screen.
Help: Click near the top right to find a switch to turn on the light, then move the machine out of the way and press the button.

Level 29: Robbit himself!
Help: Click the play button thrice and click the small yellow button in the flower.

Level 30: Green button.
Help: Click it. Win!

Video walkthrough by the creator himself! Robbit!

Now go search for that
secret room. :D

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Big Fish

Feeding Frenzy + Good Physics + Babies = Big Fish.
I finally completed the game and here's the tips you need so you can too!

General Tips
1. Get used to the controls.
2. Get used to the bouyancy.
3. The bigger you are the more bouyant you are.
4. You have no mouth. But you can absorb fish into your stomach anyway.
5. Don't eat your babies.
6. If you believe eating babies is immoral don't play the game.
7. If you're stuck check Nchyn.

Level 1: Eat all the other fish fish within 60 seconds.
Help: Easy, Simply chase after the fish, you have plenty of time.

Level 2: Be the only big fish in the pool.
Help: Also easy, just make sure to eat the fish fast enough so they don't become big enough to eat you.

Level 3: Protect your babies for 20 seconds.
Help: At first, this level was a nightmare for me, then I realized there's a knack to it. Simply herd your babies into the bottom left corner. Get as close as you can without actually touching them so if any fish are foolish enough to attack you consume them. Just make sure to keep tapping down to compensate for the bouyancy.

Level 4: Survive for 20 seconds.
Help: Difficult at first but his level also has a knack to it. If you stay down at the very bottom under the peg, the fish will have to move sideways to get you but he'll move in wide obvious arcs so just avoid those and stay at the bottom under the peg.

Level 5: Grow to be this big.
Help: Even easier then the first level. Just keep eating there's no time limit and eventually you'll get so big you'll practically fill the water preventing fish from escaping. Just make sure to take into account your natural bouyancy.

Level 6: Protect your babies for 20 seconds.
Help: Medium I'd say. The trick here is to constantly move across the screen over your babies hold left to be exact. Only one or two fish will try to get through and after you eat them promptly continue moving straight across the screen so no fish will attack.

Level 7: Grow to be this big.
Help: I think these levels were definitely not ranked by difficulty because this is easier than Level 4. Just hold down and right (or down and left whatever you prefer) and you'll speed across the screen eating all the fish that fall. As you get bigger you get more bouyant but as long as you don't let go of the keys the pegs will keep your fish underwater. When the big fish above finally falls eat him and win.

Level 8: Survive for 30 seconds.
Help: Annoying at first but easy when you think about it. The fish's attack pattern is always the same. Wait for a few seconds and then charge at you. All you have to do is nudge yourself slightly so as to sidestep is attack and then he'll stop for a moment and charge again. Repeat.

Level 9: Be the only big fish in the pool.
Help: The first real challenge in my opinion. The hardest part is getting the first fish, it usually spawns under the pegs so ideally you'll catch it, eat the other fish and win. Realistically, it usually spawns away so you either need friggin super luck or you need to avoid the other big fish until another small fish spawns and you eat that one.

Level 10: Protect your babies for 30 seconds.
Help: Very difficult. My strategy though is to eat as many fish at the bottom as you can without becoming buoyant enough to lose too much control. Then rush back to defend your babies. Occasionally a small fish will get through, don't worry about them too much. What you need to worry about are the big fish that grow at the bottom. Unless you're bigger they'll rush at you and eat you. (Jeez why can't we just leave each other's babies alone??)

Level 11: Eat all the fish in 30 seconds.
Help: In the beginning try herding as many fish as you can together so you can eat them in one clump. Then the tricky part is eating the few remaining fish. To do that speed across the bottom like level 7 until the other fish is going real fast. Then stop and the other fish's momentum will carry it right to your jaws. Or mouth. Or whatever you use to eat the other fish.

Level 12 : Survive for 20 seconds.
Help: HARDEST LEVEL in the game. It took me many tries but I think I've found a winning strategy (or atleast a semi-good strategy). Don't eat ANY fish at the beginning. Let one or two big fish emerge. Then avoid them. Harder then it sounds but trust me if you apply the strategy for Level 8 and tweak it a little it will work. Hopefully.

Alternate Strategy: If you're quick with your fingers you can try to become the biggest fish. If you chose to do this you need to eat all the other fish FAST at the beginning. Then eat the other fish until the end. This all relies on getting a good opening but if you can accomplish that this strategy is easier than the first one.

Anyway, I hope this helped. At all. Good luck!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Password Crusher

Needs to be edited and checked by RunaWorld information may be missing or false.

Password Crusher like most of KoG games are tough puzzles that can only be solved by KoG himself. So since you are unable to be KoG many people have founds ways around that. Either by Bugging him for the aswers or his friends or cheating.

Tips to make you better at playing games by KoG

  1. Think outside the box
  2. If that fails click everywhere
  3. Play Skissa with KoG in the room commonly titled as "Ghost Slide"
  4. Hang out in the nonoba chat room titled "Nonob/a/" (This is where KoG and his friends hang out and talk about anime. Whatever you do don't ask for help on any of his games in nonob/a/
  5. Watch anime like Rozen Maiden, Yu-gi-oh and dragon ball Z
  6. Check Nchyn for help.

The Passwords

Insanity Just press the enter button.
Password 1

Password 2
Password 3
Password 4
Password 5
Password 6
Password 7
Name:A. Niger
Password 8
Password 9
Name:Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?
Password:IT'S OVER 9,000! (Copy paste does not work)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Multiplayer Asteroids: Gunner and combo kills.

To Be Edited by RunaWorld if needed.
The gunner and machine gunner achievements are more then easy to obtain one only needs to be patient.

Tips to make gaining achievements faster.

Make a Gunner Wall
  1. Create your own room.
  2. Spawn
  3. Press and hold the down arrow key for 10 seconds. This will send your spaceship backwards.
  4. Hold the space bar to shoot. After about 15 minutes you will get the gunner achievement with the machine gunner achievement to follow.
  5. If you did this right you will be shooting and moving up and down in your own fire.
Combo kills
  1. Once you have your "Gunner wall" (see above) get a friend or someone else to run into your wall 20 times in a row so you can obtain the Mo-Mo-Monster kill and unstoppable achievements.
  2. Have the person fly horizontally as you move vertically to form a cross of gun fire.
  3. Once you have 20 kills in a row switch spots so your friend can get the combo achievements.
Other Tips
  1. The "Gunner wall" can work well in rooms with five or more people.
  2. If someone enters or room while your trying to get the gunner achievements when they kill you DON'T re spawn and they will leave you alone after awhile.
  3. If you leave a room your bullet fired and combo kill counter is restarted.
  4. Getting a friend to help you get the achievements is considered cheating by most players.

Yami's Dice Roll

Dice 1,2,3,4,5,6: Roll the certain dice number.
Help: Just keep rolling, it's almost pure luck but if you're aiming for that last number try to always click when your number is close.

Just as Planned: ಠ_ಠ
Help: EDIT: It is possible!

API Tutorial 1 - Achievements

Halfway/Complete Tutorial:
Get to the half way point/ Finish the tutorial
Help: Simply keep clicking 'OK' to get through ASAP.

Wedgee: O_O
Help: Quite easy. When this screen comes:
Click "I dun wanna".

The Play Button

Button Jack, Princess, Prince, Queen, King:
Press the play button 105, 555, 1005, 1055, 10,555 times.
Help: Another test of patience. Try not to wear out your mouse.

Second Thoughts

I still want the format above for hard badges. But I've decided that for badges like Multiplayer Asteroids, many of them just require reaching another limit doing the same thing.

So I'd rather have you post those 'batch' badges like this:

Corporal, Major, General: Frag 10,100,1000 people in one game!
Help: Patience is a virtue. Use it to get these badges easily.

Easier to read and easier to type. I think.

Anyway comment on both ideas. I need suggestions. I'm new at this. :p

Multiplayer Asteroids: Frag Badges.

First badge guide! Game: Multiplayer Asteroids.

I would appreciate if everyone sticked to the format I'm about to show you for badge guides, this way it will be easy for a newcomer to find what they need.

So Title = Game.

Then show every badge (or as many as you can) and its requirement with a short (or long) description how to get it. The badge requirements should be red and the help section green. Like so:

Corporal: Frag 10 people in one game!
Help: Simply fire at everyone, this badge should only take you a few minutes.
Major: Frag 100 people in one game!
Help: Same as above ^ except takes about 20 minutes roughly.
General: Frag 1,000 people in one game!
Help: I actually didn't get this badge myself D=, The picture was
Paint.NETed but to getting this badge is really just a test of patience.

Okay so those are the Frag badges for Multi Asteroid. I (or another author) will do the rest later, just wanted to show an example of what's to come in the future.
As a last note: The tags should always have: 'nonoba', 'help' and 'guide'. Authors can add any other tags as you see fit.

In the beginning...

Someone created Nonoba.
Then many people joined Nonoba.
And then one person made this blog.

Okay let's talk serious now. This blog is for achievments/badges help.
Anyone that wants to write can send me a inbox message with their email on Nonoba.
My account name is RunaWorld, same as here.

As soon as a few people join I'll show my general format idea for this blog.