Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who is Who on Nonoba? (Lone)

Darcie brings us yet other great interview this time with nonoba admin Lone.

Lone's Background:
A graphic designer from Copenhagen, Denmark Lone also helped to design Nonoba and is one of the admins of the site. She's done graphics for games such as Minesweeper, Fruitbowl, and many more. She dilligently watches over the Nonoba users with a watchful eye and never hesitates to whip out the banhammer once or twice.

Interview with Lone
Q: Question by Darcie
A: Answer by Lone

Q: How is life in Denmark, what is the best thing about living there?
A: Life in Denmark is nice at the moment. Spring is peaking it's head through our windows, and for all Danes the excitement envolved in venturing outside, without a jacket is thrilling and always feels like a whole new experience.
The very best thing about living here is a bit harder to answer.
If you ask the boys, I'm sure one of their answers will be, "hot girls", but as I am neither a hot girl, nor a lesbian, I will have go grasp at some other straws in trying to explain the awesomeness of this place.
I tried Googling the phrase, "Denmark is known for", and it gave me different options, from our extremly high taxes, to our well-functioning wellfare system, to H.C Andersen, Tivoli, Christiania, meatballs, beer, cycling, innovative design, eco-friendly attitude and open-mindedness towards gays and lesbians.
I guess I'll go with the meatballs, try to forget about the taxes and be grateful for everything else.

Q: Do you plan on making any more games in the future?
A: I do.
There are a couple of things in the pipeline right now, with both Chris, and various other programmers around the site, but I also have other projects, so I'm not sure when any of them will be finished.

I loved fruitbowl, is there any chance you will make it so that the game keeps score and possibly add achievements?
A: Fruitbowl is an old game Chris made a long time ago, and he gave me the sourcefiles, so I could muck around with it. I just added some fruit, a few sounds and animation, but I really can't programm anything myself, so I'm kind of limited in that area. If Fruitbowl should have points and achievements it really would be Chris who'd have to do it. [and] I'm not sure how excited he is about working on something he coded that long ago. YaiEf and I are working on a functioning version of Fruitbowl, for one of my private sites, though. Maybe he can be talked into uploading it to Nonoba as well and add Achievements.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Nonoba?
A: Right now, I would have to say it's "Blockarelli" by Tonypa. For some reason, that game has caught my attention, and I play it so much and often, that I sometimes see those darn little blocks, when I close my eyes at night.

What is your least favorite thing about Nonoba?
A: Blockarelli by Tonypa. The thing drives me nuts! I just cant seem to get that last, damn achievement!

Q: Shadowstalker wanted me to ask, whats going on with you and Chris?
A: He is so, totally jealous of my apparent awesomeness, but that is about it.

Most common question you are asked?
A: It's most likely, "You want fries with that?", but on Nonoba it's, "Can you please unban my friend" or "How do you chat without playing a game".
nd yes - I do want fries with that, and No - I will not unban your friend.

Now you know who is who on nonoba.

Next interview nonoba admin Chris.

Who is who on nonoba? (Robbit)

Darcie was able to get a interview with Robbit who made the game Continue which has left many of us nonobians banging there computer screen in frustation and for the rest of us it was a nice and clever game.
Q: Question by Darcie
A: Answer by Robbit

Robbit's Background: He's not an admin, he's not a mod but he's still Robbit! A force to be
reckoned with. Despite only being 14 Robbit has succesfully created one of the most unique games on Nonoba, really a whole bunch of minigames packed into one, Continue. Some of his likes are LOST, music, and making games. Some of his dislikes are carrots, rain, and the German language.

Interview with Robbit

Q: How long have you been making games?
A:I think I started making games using Game Maker around 2 years ago. 3 months ago i started using flash because it is much easier to publish a game that way.

Q: Do you plan on making any new games??
A: I sure do. I already started making sketches for a new game, wich will be a point-and-click adventure. The problem is that flash has a much harder programming language than Game maker, which I'm used too.

Q: What is the most common question people ask you about Continue?
A: Well, most of the time, they ask for help because they're stuck somewhere. It's a relief that NCYHN made a guide for continue, so there won't be 5 questions a day. Also there are some people asking if I'm going to expand continue even more, but I won't.

Q: What do you find to be the most IRRITATING question people ask?
A: There still are people asking me for help, while the link to the NCYHN guide is in the games description. (maybe I should put in the game itself too...). Besides that, there are people asking me random questions, like "How do I make a game??? pl0x help me!!!"

Q: What is your favorite/least favorite thing about Nonoba?
A: The thing that I like about nonoba is that you're completely free to upload your games, and gain feedback about them. (you can't post comments on kongregate ). It's a perfect place for beginning game makers to "grow up".

Q: What would you like to see more of on Nonoba?
A: I really miss control over your own game page. People can post every spoiler they want, and the only thing you can do is mark it as spam. There are people spoiling the way too the secret room, and the only thing i can do about it is remove the achievement or erase/change the spoiled way. I think you should be able to delete comments on your own profile and game pages.

This was are first Who is Who where we will interview imporant and well known people on nonoba.

More to come soon.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nchyn Has a forum

That's right we got a forum! (woot) Click here to check it out and make a account.

Anyways this forum will allow you use a user of Nchyn to speak to us and give us comlements and you can report errors in are guides or help us a make a guide.
Also if you are a author of Nchyn please make account we will use these forums as kind of a headquater like thing. If you are a author please go here and message me on your nonoba account once you made a account on nchyn's forums so I can make you a mod and allow you access to the hidden forum just for Nchyn authors.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Race To The Bottom Tips

Race to the Bottom General Tips:

1)Never stop moving.
You must continously be moving as the centipede gradually accelerates so you need to get a good enough headstart to stay alive for a few more minutes.

2) Always go down.
If a beacon ends up right next to you don't spend the time trying to inch to it sideways keep going down even if you miss a few beacons because ultimately you get farther from the centipede and are able to collect more beacons than you miss.

3) Judge the worth of a beacon wisely.
If a beacon is a whole screen away from you just skip past it instead of taking the time to slowly inch across and get it. It's better off to keep falling down.

4) Turn correctly.
Never turn more than you have to, it's wise to keep your turns as short as possible in order to maximize speed down.

5) Need help?
This game can be played by up to 5 players so if you have the people at hand use them to distract the centipede while you cash the beacons. While this method is probably cheap and unfair the moral judgement is up to you.

6) Lag is your other friend.
LAG! If you can lag your computer and have the game slow enough to play easily yet fast enough to keep up with your presses, do it! Lag can make the game at least 1.5x easier.
Again it's your own personal moral judgement whether to use this method or not, your choice.

Good luck!

Nchyn expanding....

With less walkthroughable achievements we've decided to expand NCHYN a bit and move closer to a true fansite. As of now we're not sure ourselves exactly what this will mean but be certain that it's no longer just about games. Don't worry we'll still have game posts for the walkthroughable achievements but we will also have new additions. Look forward to new posts loyal NCHYNers!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Dark Secrets Of Nonoba....

As you can see we're running out of achievements to do guides on >_<
So in place of that I'm posting a side post about all the dark secrets you may or may not know 0_O

1. The Filter.
This ubiquitous addition to chat constantly filters what you say, think, and even whisper.
It's deviously clever in that you never realize that your curse word was actually filtered. It never appears on your screen! DUN DUN DUN 0_O Only everyone else sees the original word replaced with a somewhat relevant but more friendly version. This results in a nonsensical sentence that will almost surely result in you being laughed out/humilated/yelled at. 'Hug you!!!' is all too common. Only The Filter knows. Only The Filter provides.

2. The Incredible Edible Word Shrinking Ray.
Ever said 'zzzzzzzzzzzzzz'?
Well thanks to Mad Science Inc. Nonoba has adopted a IEWSR to use on all letter repeated more than four times. The result is on your screen (thankfully) but it can still stop necessary emphasis from being emphasized.

3. Anti-capslock
In order to prevent a second Spam War Nonoba has a secret underground facility built in Montana that automatically lowercases any uppercase sentences greater than 4 letters.
The secret is well guarded in the Himalayas.

4. The Chat Guardian (or colloquially reffered to as 'The One')
After 5 years of intense research by the NIA or Nonoba Intelligence Agency, Nonoba was able to crack the secrets of successful spam blocking and artificial intelligence. 'The One' is programmed to check for so many possible spamming options, it's impossible to even talk! Every second you are plaqued by constant reminders, "Easy now, this hurts you more than it hurts us. " , "you wouldn't want the others to think you as a spammer now would you?", "we know your secret. Don't spam.". Infact, the guardian can even simulate conversation with the client, with such intelligent statements like "Why would you want to ignore yourself?", "Stop spamming", and who could forget "STOP SPAMMING NOWZ".

Now you know.... Good luck Nonoban. You'll need it. >_>

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just As Planned!

It's been found! Original post updated.

Door to Darkness 2 Musical Eye!

For centuries gamers have tried, failed, and tried again to find the Musical Eye.
Now thanks to the persistence and kindness of Linc186, Everyone will know ^_^
It's too bad it won't matter anymore but to those gamers who tried forever here it is:

Step 1: Click around in that area. It's small, look hard.

Step 2: Click Yami's Egyptian Eye.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Two small steps for NCHYN...

In order to further expand our dominion over Nonoba's fan sites,

ShadowStalker has created a NCHYN forum:

and I have created a Google Groups:

Mine will probably fail epicly but it's worth checking them both out.

Ruins - The Pit General Tips

After playing the game nigh a gazillion times here are a few tips I gleaned :

1. The screen wraps - Many times if you're stuck you can exit through the side of the screen to the other side.

2. Remember the glitches - There are many glitches in this game, remember the big ones like being stuck between two blocks even if they're lying still, and being able to walk on lava.

3. Timing is everything - The blocks can fall singly, or in a group, completely blocking your exit.
Because of this, it's best to remember to get to the top as fast as you can before the path is sealed off.

4. You only have 3 teleports. Use them wisely - Many times you think you're stuck but maybe by jumping off another block or jumping off the side of the screen to the other side you can exit safely without using a teleport. Another downside of teleports is that you can't pick a location higher than the top of the screen, meaning you could end up being stuck again. Factor all of this into account before teleporting.

5. Gems: Double-edged Sword - A gem can either be great help or a great hindrance. They have the power to hold infinite blocks and if you take the gem between two blocks, the upper block magically defies gravity! All of this gives gems very stragetic use, since score does not matter, (unless you're going for the highscores) you can take and leave gems where they are in order to create or stop gaps.

6. You will die. Accept it. - The block falling pattern is so erratic sometimes there will be no blocks and other times there will be too many blocks, you just have to accept this and start over sometimes, patience, good will, and a lot of luck are the keys to getting these achievements.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Don't delete your post!

Because of the redesign many achievements (KoG's' being prominent) have been removed, please do not remove the guides for these articles. Instead put this at the front of your post to indicate the achievement is now gone:

Do this only for achievements you know for sure are going to be removed aka Yami's Dice Roll, The Play Button etc.

Edit: Err- On second thought most posts have more than one achievement so I edited the pic to say 'these achievements'.

Banner Updated!

In order to commemorate the Nonoba redesign, I've made a new rainbowish banner.
Tell me what you think.

Edit: I'm trying to get that small bar of green out of the way, try to envision what it would look like without the bar.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Continue updated.

Just to let everyone know I've updated the original Continue walkthrough it's here

Edit by RunaWorld:

There is now also a video walkthrough there by Robbit. Thanks Robbit. ^^

Ultimate Quiz Quest

this ones easy. its just like any other quiz game

1. click the 1 in the top left corner
2. 61,000
3. green
4. 1,000
5. 9
6. 9
7. 27,000
8. 293
9. type 9 into the box and press here (blue button)
10. 1

if you press tab you automatically get the "cheater" achievement
if you lose you automatically get the "loser"achievement
I think you just click the bottom left corner of the cheater screen or the winner button

RunaWorld :
Err, Unfortunately me and Safara179 think alike. So I'll just post this video walkthrough here in his post.
(This must be a record time for NCHYN only about a couple of hours since cmbeke posted the game):

The Visitor

To finish the game
  1. click the branch that's sticking out from the tree
  2. click the branch when its in the water
  3. wait till the worm is at the end on the branch, click on the frog
  4. click on the hole in the tree that you made by removing the branch
  5. click the tree stump
  6. click the fishing rod
  7. click the rock/meteor
  8. Click the worm
  9. click the fishing rod near the bottom until the worm flies off
  10. click the door handle
  11. click the apple core
  12. click the door handle
  13. click the hole in the wall
  14. click the shadow of a branch that's above the door
  15. click yellow,red,yellow valves in that order
  16. click the cats butt hole
  17. click the door handle
  18. click the lid of the blender
  19. click an orange on top of the fridge
  20. click the blender
  21. click the top of the blender
  22. click the tap,top drawer, knife quickly in that order
  23.  click the worm
  24. click the A/C  switch until the vent on top of the fridge come loose
  25. click the light bulb
  26. click the vent
  27. click the vent again
  28. click the fish
  29. click the bird
  30. click the worm
  31. click the yellow jacket
  32. click the bird
  33. click the pile of clothes
  34. click the bird when he is eatting the bird food
  35. Click pile of clothes again
  36. click the open guys mouth
  37. click the what was the worm
  38. click the in the middle of the guy in bottom bunk.
  39. watch
To get the uncommon ending 1
  1. click the door,
  2. click the toilet paper,
  3. click the toilet
  4. click the flush button
  5. click the bath tap
  6. click the right cabinet under the sink
  7. click the hair dryer
  8. click the electic outlet
  9. click the bath that the worm is in
To get the uncommon ending 2
  1. click the door,
  2. click the toilet paper,
  3. click the toilet
  4. click the flush button
  5. click the bath tap
  6. click the cubored door
  7. click the hair dryer
  8. click elec outlet
  9. click sick tap
  10. click sink (full of water)
  11. click the gun
  12. click the gun until the worm dies
Now you have another 100xp...niiiice....O_o

April Fool's Day '08 by KoG

to get this achievement you just have to wait till the 10 letters are circled spelling APRIL FOOLS you may have to wait about 10 minutes and whala 25xp is all yours

Find it 8

How to beat "Find it 8"
On the main menu click on
Next press the space button the next frame will say Skip to Level click the blue button above the 5 then press the space button and you get the achievement.

PS: You can also beat the game by pressing play if your after the achievement use the cheat above.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Quizicle Quiz 2

A quite thought provoking sequel to Safara179's game "quizicle quiz."

1. daffodil
2. coffin
3. cloud
4. time
5. rainbow
6. egg
7. violin
8. fish
9. armchair
10. eyelashes
11. dark
12. cherry
13. mountain
14. mouth
15. wind

- Cirno's Vengenace 2: EX -
This game is really easy all you have to do is follow the tips below.

  1. Move alice (You) so she is facing the very left edge of the screen
  2. After the 2nd "Ice Beam" Move to the very right edge screen and stay.
  3. When the screen turns greenish stay to the right and avoid the snowflakes (Do not pay any atendtion to anything else other then the snowflakes or you might die.
PS. Please make a video of you beating the game, which I can put on the blog as a example.

Find it: 1-7

Safara179, gamer, developer or hacker? You decide. Just kidding =P
But anyway here's a walkthrough for his find it 1-7 (8 was released just after I made this >_>), I had to memorize every find it. >_> But anyway just use it and I'll be happy:

Edit: I apologize for the horrible horrible downgrading of quality blogger has done to my video, for that reason I'm uploading it to Youtube their quality downgrading is more bearable than Blogger's. I suggest other authors do this too.

Edit Edit: Also, unfortunately, this template makes the post widths too short for the video so I'm resizing it a bit proportionally so no loss in quality. To view the video at full size double click it to go to the YouTube link.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Quizicle Quiz

A simple quiz game made by Safara179.
First off, click start...

1. "I suspect 'fowl' play."
2. Click the level number "2"
3. "<><"
4. "What Pocket?"
5. "Adam?"
6. "1993"
7. "Find it 7"
8. "Volcano Interactive"
9. "With Paint"
10. "false"
11. "A chicken that can't count past ten doesn't know what the question number is."

You have successfully won 50 easy xp.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fools! (Limited Game Time)

Alright people listen up, listen fast.

Step 1: Click into the game

Step 2: Press tab until the words "ME" appear

Step 3: Wait it out.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nonoba is shutting down!

On May 31 9:46 PM we recieved notification that Nonoba is shutting down their servers. The IRS had charged Nonoba with tax fraud and using counterfeit currency. Chris was nearly in tears as he cried "I'll miss you Nonoba. I never meant for it to go this far. But before I go... I have one last thing to say *sob**sob*....
Happy April Fools Day.

The Ultimate Quiz

Following the precedent set by Ted, I'm going to do this walkthrough in a video format.

Just read this one quick clarification before watching the video, I'm not sure exactly where the secret room is in The Ultimate Quiz, some say it's the Hmm? room only reached from the 100 clicks. But I need independent confirmation on this so comment if you know.

Withought further ado: