Monday, April 14, 2008

The Dark Secrets Of Nonoba....

As you can see we're running out of achievements to do guides on >_<
So in place of that I'm posting a side post about all the dark secrets you may or may not know 0_O

1. The Filter.
This ubiquitous addition to chat constantly filters what you say, think, and even whisper.
It's deviously clever in that you never realize that your curse word was actually filtered. It never appears on your screen! DUN DUN DUN 0_O Only everyone else sees the original word replaced with a somewhat relevant but more friendly version. This results in a nonsensical sentence that will almost surely result in you being laughed out/humilated/yelled at. 'Hug you!!!' is all too common. Only The Filter knows. Only The Filter provides.

2. The Incredible Edible Word Shrinking Ray.
Ever said 'zzzzzzzzzzzzzz'?
Well thanks to Mad Science Inc. Nonoba has adopted a IEWSR to use on all letter repeated more than four times. The result is on your screen (thankfully) but it can still stop necessary emphasis from being emphasized.

3. Anti-capslock
In order to prevent a second Spam War Nonoba has a secret underground facility built in Montana that automatically lowercases any uppercase sentences greater than 4 letters.
The secret is well guarded in the Himalayas.

4. The Chat Guardian (or colloquially reffered to as 'The One')
After 5 years of intense research by the NIA or Nonoba Intelligence Agency, Nonoba was able to crack the secrets of successful spam blocking and artificial intelligence. 'The One' is programmed to check for so many possible spamming options, it's impossible to even talk! Every second you are plaqued by constant reminders, "Easy now, this hurts you more than it hurts us. " , "you wouldn't want the others to think you as a spammer now would you?", "we know your secret. Don't spam.". Infact, the guardian can even simulate conversation with the client, with such intelligent statements like "Why would you want to ignore yourself?", "Stop spamming", and who could forget "STOP SPAMMING NOWZ".

Now you know.... Good luck Nonoban. You'll need it. >_>

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