Thursday, April 3, 2008

Quizicle Quiz

A simple quiz game made by Safara179.
First off, click start...

1. "I suspect 'fowl' play."
2. Click the level number "2"
3. "<><"
4. "What Pocket?"
5. "Adam?"
6. "1993"
7. "Find it 7"
8. "Volcano Interactive"
9. "With Paint"
10. "false"
11. "A chicken that can't count past ten doesn't know what the question number is."

You have successfully won 50 easy xp.


RunaWorld said...

Good job on your first article! Remember to keep the text under the pictures though, I edited that for you.

RunaWorld said...

Forgot to mention, don't forget your tags, I added those too use 'nonoba help guide' and then any other tags you want.

linc said...

nice guide Nchyn