Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who is Who on Nonoba? (Lone)

Darcie brings us yet other great interview this time with nonoba admin Lone.

Lone's Background:
A graphic designer from Copenhagen, Denmark Lone also helped to design Nonoba and is one of the admins of the site. She's done graphics for games such as Minesweeper, Fruitbowl, and many more. She dilligently watches over the Nonoba users with a watchful eye and never hesitates to whip out the banhammer once or twice.

Interview with Lone
Q: Question by Darcie
A: Answer by Lone

Q: How is life in Denmark, what is the best thing about living there?
A: Life in Denmark is nice at the moment. Spring is peaking it's head through our windows, and for all Danes the excitement envolved in venturing outside, without a jacket is thrilling and always feels like a whole new experience.
The very best thing about living here is a bit harder to answer.
If you ask the boys, I'm sure one of their answers will be, "hot girls", but as I am neither a hot girl, nor a lesbian, I will have go grasp at some other straws in trying to explain the awesomeness of this place.
I tried Googling the phrase, "Denmark is known for", and it gave me different options, from our extremly high taxes, to our well-functioning wellfare system, to H.C Andersen, Tivoli, Christiania, meatballs, beer, cycling, innovative design, eco-friendly attitude and open-mindedness towards gays and lesbians.
I guess I'll go with the meatballs, try to forget about the taxes and be grateful for everything else.

Q: Do you plan on making any more games in the future?
A: I do.
There are a couple of things in the pipeline right now, with both Chris, and various other programmers around the site, but I also have other projects, so I'm not sure when any of them will be finished.

I loved fruitbowl, is there any chance you will make it so that the game keeps score and possibly add achievements?
A: Fruitbowl is an old game Chris made a long time ago, and he gave me the sourcefiles, so I could muck around with it. I just added some fruit, a few sounds and animation, but I really can't programm anything myself, so I'm kind of limited in that area. If Fruitbowl should have points and achievements it really would be Chris who'd have to do it. [and] I'm not sure how excited he is about working on something he coded that long ago. YaiEf and I are working on a functioning version of Fruitbowl, for one of my private sites, though. Maybe he can be talked into uploading it to Nonoba as well and add Achievements.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Nonoba?
A: Right now, I would have to say it's "Blockarelli" by Tonypa. For some reason, that game has caught my attention, and I play it so much and often, that I sometimes see those darn little blocks, when I close my eyes at night.

What is your least favorite thing about Nonoba?
A: Blockarelli by Tonypa. The thing drives me nuts! I just cant seem to get that last, damn achievement!

Q: Shadowstalker wanted me to ask, whats going on with you and Chris?
A: He is so, totally jealous of my apparent awesomeness, but that is about it.

Most common question you are asked?
A: It's most likely, "You want fries with that?", but on Nonoba it's, "Can you please unban my friend" or "How do you chat without playing a game".
nd yes - I do want fries with that, and No - I will not unban your friend.

Now you know who is who on nonoba.

Next interview nonoba admin Chris.

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