Friday, April 4, 2008

Find it: 1-7

Safara179, gamer, developer or hacker? You decide. Just kidding =P
But anyway here's a walkthrough for his find it 1-7 (8 was released just after I made this >_>), I had to memorize every find it. >_> But anyway just use it and I'll be happy:

Edit: I apologize for the horrible horrible downgrading of quality blogger has done to my video, for that reason I'm uploading it to Youtube their quality downgrading is more bearable than Blogger's. I suggest other authors do this too.

Edit Edit: Also, unfortunately, this template makes the post widths too short for the video so I'm resizing it a bit proportionally so no loss in quality. To view the video at full size double click it to go to the YouTube link.

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