Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We have our own site!

It seems our blog is expanding faster than I realize or even know.
Toby has offered us hosting space for our new website, www.nchyn.com!
Now we have more room to customize and hopefully we can increase our fan base at the same time.
Authors, once you get your passwords for the website log in and start posting, we might even add some new features to the site, who knows what lies in wait now! We're also working on integrating the forum into there let's hope that works as well.
Sadly this might be the last post we make here, and the blogspot has served us well, but let us move on to our new site and try to better Nonoba life for all Nonobians everywhere, they're counting on us now, let's not disappoint them.
Good luck!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who is who on Nonoba? (Henrik)

Henrik is a admin on nonoba being the third and currently the last to join the nonoba admin team. Henrik can offen by found in the chat room nonob/a/ and basecamp on www.nonoba.com

Interview by Darcie

I have to start by pointing out before everyone else, that I did some bad "reporting" and mistakenly asked question 1, so, my apologies for my ignorance to all. 

Q: Question by Darice.
A: Answer by Henrik

Q: You live in Switzerland?? How is that?? What is Switzerland like in the 

A: No, I live in Sweden, but I'm sure spring in Switzerland is fantastic. I've never been there though. Maybe I should visit someday? 

Q: The readers/gamers are intrested to know; what keeps you at Nonoba? 
A: Oliver and Chris chained me to my chair in the office, so I can never leave. They feed me only burgers and pizza and whip me if I start slacking. Please help me get out of here. Please. PLEASE! I don't wanna do this any more... *sob* *sob* 

Q: I've noticed that Sand Toy Beta is one of your favorite "games", what is the neatest thing you have ever made in that game? 
A: I can't remember ever playing that game. I think I favourited it to test a feature. 

Q: Is there anything you can tell us about Lone? 
A: She steals all the knives and forks we have

Q: What is your favorite thing about Nonoba?? 
A: My favourite thing is the cool tools we give Flash developers so they can easily spread and track their games through Nonoba. 

Q: What irritates you about Nonoba? 
A: Having to deal with users who just can't enjoy the site for its games, but have to abuse it or start drama or doing other annoying things which force us to moderate them. It's really dull and we have little patience for it. 

Q: What do you think is helpful infromation for a help site, like NCHYN, to have for their users? 
A:Focus on telling people about cool games they may have missed, and give help for the difficult games.

That is this weeks Who is Who on Nonoba. More games guides coming soon.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Who is who on Nonoba? (Chris)

Interview with Chris.

Chris's Background:
One of the admins and greatest developers on Nonoba, Chris Benjaminsen is a 27 year old guy living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Along with Nonoba, some of his other projects are Barda, an isometric MMORPG in flash, and Racer Zulu a top down racing game for Flash. He is also the creator of the popular Flash game Multiplayer Asteroids, considered by some to be the best Multiplayer Flash game on the internet.

Q: Question by Darcie.
A: Answer by Chris.

Hi Chris, my name is Darcie, and as stated in the subject line, i was just wondering if you had time to answer a few short questions, for NCHYN, the nonoba help site? http://nchyn.freeforums.org/ (in case you wanted to check it out)
Anything you can answer is appreciated! Thank you!!

Q: 1) How is life in Denmark?
A: Living in Denmark is great and we even had a bit of sun poking out the past few days!

Q: 2)The players are dying to know, Chris, when will there be an Multiplayer Asteroids 2??
A: Regarding Multiplayer Asteroids 2, my entire focus the past quite a long time have been focused on getting the basic systems for such games in place. This is slowly starting to happen now so you might only have to wait a few years now. ;)

Q: 3)Have we seen the end of the famed Fridge Magnets, and if not, when might it be fixed by?
A: Related to how these systems are back you will see that Fridge Magnets is back online!

Q: 4)What is the coolest thing you've ever made in Sand Toy?
A: Coolest thing in sand toys? Ugh, I don't know, think I once made a system that mixed, then separated water and sand again.

Q: 5)What is your favorite thing about nonoba? What is your least favorite thing?
A: My favorite thing about nonoba is definitely the community, I simply love to see how the site has grown from a very small community no one knew, to what it is today with several hundred people online in peak. Sadly the worst thing about nonoba is also its success. We where rather naive when we started out and thought that people might actually behave, this turned out not to be true, so we have had to set aside a lot of time which could have been used on making nonoba even better on simply trying to control those users who do not know how to behave. Related to that we will very soon be making some of our users admins such that there will always be someone around to make sure people don't act up.

Q: 6) Any more games in the works?
A: Lots of new games in the work, and they are all secret! ;)

Q: 7) What is the most annoying question you've been asked? The most annoying question?
A: Ugh, I don't know, but up there among them is "Can I be an admin? PLEASE?"

Q: 8)What would you like to see more of on Nonoba, and what would you like to see on helpsites like NCHYN?
A: I would definitely like to see more of NCHYN or similar pages, anything that simulates our
community is great!

Thanks for your time Chris!! ~~Darcie~~