Monday, April 7, 2008

Ruins - The Pit General Tips

After playing the game nigh a gazillion times here are a few tips I gleaned :

1. The screen wraps - Many times if you're stuck you can exit through the side of the screen to the other side.

2. Remember the glitches - There are many glitches in this game, remember the big ones like being stuck between two blocks even if they're lying still, and being able to walk on lava.

3. Timing is everything - The blocks can fall singly, or in a group, completely blocking your exit.
Because of this, it's best to remember to get to the top as fast as you can before the path is sealed off.

4. You only have 3 teleports. Use them wisely - Many times you think you're stuck but maybe by jumping off another block or jumping off the side of the screen to the other side you can exit safely without using a teleport. Another downside of teleports is that you can't pick a location higher than the top of the screen, meaning you could end up being stuck again. Factor all of this into account before teleporting.

5. Gems: Double-edged Sword - A gem can either be great help or a great hindrance. They have the power to hold infinite blocks and if you take the gem between two blocks, the upper block magically defies gravity! All of this gives gems very stragetic use, since score does not matter, (unless you're going for the highscores) you can take and leave gems where they are in order to create or stop gaps.

6. You will die. Accept it. - The block falling pattern is so erratic sometimes there will be no blocks and other times there will be too many blocks, you just have to accept this and start over sometimes, patience, good will, and a lot of luck are the keys to getting these achievements.

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