Sunday, March 23, 2008

Multiplayer Asteroids: Frag Badges.

First badge guide! Game: Multiplayer Asteroids.

I would appreciate if everyone sticked to the format I'm about to show you for badge guides, this way it will be easy for a newcomer to find what they need.

So Title = Game.

Then show every badge (or as many as you can) and its requirement with a short (or long) description how to get it. The badge requirements should be red and the help section green. Like so:

Corporal: Frag 10 people in one game!
Help: Simply fire at everyone, this badge should only take you a few minutes.
Major: Frag 100 people in one game!
Help: Same as above ^ except takes about 20 minutes roughly.
General: Frag 1,000 people in one game!
Help: I actually didn't get this badge myself D=, The picture was
Paint.NETed but to getting this badge is really just a test of patience.

Okay so those are the Frag badges for Multi Asteroid. I (or another author) will do the rest later, just wanted to show an example of what's to come in the future.
As a last note: The tags should always have: 'nonoba', 'help' and 'guide'. Authors can add any other tags as you see fit.

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